Sunday, February 3, 2008

HNY: I am sorry to disappoint my detractors :P

Happy New Year folks!!!

Yes, I know you missed me, I missed you all shume shume ... hehe. I wish I could apologize for having been missing but a gal's gotta have a break during the holidays. And a break I got. Before I get into details of my vacation sins though, can I just tell you how sexy I find Serbian President B. Tadic (he should lose the Boris ... reminds me a fat drunken man)? Not least because he just whooped ass in the just concluded elections. I like men (and women) with power who can be soft spoken at the same time. Whether his re-election is a blessing or curse for those of us who have been waiting for independence will be seen in the coming days (weeks?). But, I hope he means progress for Serbia - a peaceful and prosperous Serbia is good for the Balkan region in general -extrapolate what you may from this. One thing for sure, Serbs know how to vote and count votes fast.


Okay, poll of the week: Who is cuter?
(if you have more flattering pictures of your choice, send to me and I will use it instead of the ones below)

1. Boris Tadic: President of the Republic of Serbia

2. Hashim Thaci: Prime Minister of Kosovo

Disclaimer: This poll in no way, form or shape represents the personal taste of the author in men. Neither does it express, implicitly or otherwise, any preference or support by the author or voters for any person, party or political status. In others words, if you do more than voting and laughing with regards to this poll, you do so of your own free will and you are liable for any consequences that arise from such actions or inactions.

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BlueMonkey said...

I'm late to the party, but it's definitely Thaci. Looks like he's aged about 20 years in a decade, but still retains the "bad for you" chewy goodness that always ups the hotness quotient. Tadic you bring home to mom. Thaci you run away with in the night.