Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hey Ma, can you hear me? We are news again ... so is our distant cousin!!!

So, fires have become the protest weapon of choice for the "thugs" of Serbia. Are these really "thugs" or just a convenient labeling by both sides to understate the frustration of a large population in Serbia? Personally, I have no problem with people who want to vent their frustration ... nobody likes to give away power or their view of power willingly. So I sent out some emails to some people (non-US and non-Euro) and here are some advices they have for the protesting "thugs":

1. Wearing hoodies is not the chic fashion for true protesters. Otherwise it might be interpreted that you are not really sure of what you are protesting for and are more afraid for your jobs and getting arrested than for your cause. Did Che, Chavez or Mandela wear hoodies? Answer is NO!!!

2. While fires might be cute on tv news, they have this nasty habit of being uncontrollable atimes, as evidenced by the dead person from the US embassy fire. Perhaps try more modern technology.

3. Going back home in Belgrade for dinner and sleep after breaking open borders just seems plain lazy and shows lack of commitment. Here is a quote from a gal on a small island: "I am not in the military and even I will tell you that it's more effective to occupy any territory taken. Heading home for the night and then coming back to retake the same border is a waste of effort and has the potential to make you seem like the "boys" who cried wolf. For heaven's sake, occupy Kosovo already if you are so intent on taking it back."

.... and lose the cell phones on camera. Makes you look more like a drug dealer rather than a soldier for the heartland.

There you have it folks. From moi, here are a couple of news links that are interesting to read:

- Storming of embassy in Serbia sparks U.S. outrage (apparently, Kostunica apologized to the US but no one has apologised yet to the dead body found in the fire - martyr or moron?)

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