Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UNESCO Heritage Site???

... or perhaps UNICEF heritage site. Or no need at all if a dash is added in between to read: "Free-Kosova". One thing for sure, this wall was a darling for photo-journalism in Kosovo.


daniela said...

hello, can I use one of your pictures (not that one from AP of course)? I would like to use it to ilustrate an article about kosovo (not yet published) at (in Portuguese).
I hoop to hear you soon,
best regards,

Kosovo2007 said...

Ola Daniela, tudo bem.

I wish I could give you permission to use any of the pictures above but none of them are mine. I collected them all over time from various publications, which I do not recall now. I do know that these pics have been used multiple times over the years and wonder if anyone remembers their origins anymore.

If anyone knows who has copyright to these pics, please let me know so I can pass on to Daniela.