Friday, February 15, 2008

Independence is in the air ....

... and the ladies of Prishtina still look as hot as ever :)

In case you are not aware, we all expect some sort of proclamation of independence this weekend. Many are betting on Sunday 17 Feb (night). I have my money on tonight (early morning tomorrow) but do not pay attention to me as I ALWAYS lose these bets. Either way, K becomes a republic as from next week. hmmmm ...

Of course, that will require a change in the name of this blog and I might need to apply for immigrant status. People are excited, flags are flying, drinks are being offered for free (well, that has always been true for cute stuff like me ... ahem!), and many international people are fretting (not all though). BTW, please, could all fob journalists and their lunch dates try not to be so annoyingly loud in resturants?!? We thank you for the petro-dollars you are spending in Pristina though.

Google Kosovo/Kosova and you will find more news that you can digest and hold your horses, a movie will be produced about these days in case this is not exciting enough for you.

oh! I lost already ...

This is fresh off the rolls, folk: Agenda for I-Day

Agenda "D-Day", Times in CET

Independence Declaration

17th February 2008

10:00 Prime Ministers leads off from Government to Parliament- hands over the request for extraordinary Parliament Session

11:00 Prime Minister makes public the request for extraordinary session of the Parliament

12:00 Assembly Presidency Meeting

13:30 Meeting of the Parliamentary Groups

15:00 Plenary Session of Kosova Assembly

18:00 Statement by three leaders at Hotel Grand MEDIA CENTER

18:30 Hoist of Independence Obelisk in front of the Youth Palace in Prishtina

19:00 Kosova Philharmonic Concert Hall 1 October

20:00 Concert in Prishtina Square

22:50 President and Prime Minister address the masses

23:00 Fireworks displayed at four different parts of Prishtina

1 comment:

David said...

So it will definetly be announced tomorrow at 3pm.
All my friends are going to be on the streets in Vienna,with their flags and ready made T-shirts.
Independence is a given, but it would be so funny if it was held over for a day, and there is a mob of Kosova's left on the street with nothing to celebrate. May be a good opportunity for the Austrian police to catch up with some ilegals.

I have a 20 Euro bet that it isn't announced tomorrow.

David about to be 20 Euro lesser off.