Sunday, February 17, 2008


... told ya ... and the party is on.... please, be careful with the "happy shooting". (pics below were culled from the net; mine will come later)


Flag said...

And here is the New Born Kosova's flag.

Anonymous said...

congrats Kosova!!!
Auguri dall'Italia.
Il Sorvegliato Speciale

julien said...

i'm a journlaist at the news channel france24. I'd like to interview you. Can you send me your phone number?
jpain AT

Kosovo2007 said...

Salut Julien. Merci beacoup pour ton invitation but I will have to pass, I am sorry. My NGO would be happy with that sort of self-promotion even if all I talked about was Kosova. Hope you are enjoying our little town.

a bientot somewhere, sometime...

Anonymous said...

i only say thank you USA and thank you the all europien contrys and kosovo has dont forget this very nice suprize for kosovo now REPUBIC KOSOVO
thank you very match and USA you are the brother 2 after albanian for kosovo thank you ver match and god bless you