Friday, February 8, 2008

THE guide book for Kosovo

This has been the quasi-toast of town since December. Talk about an opportuned time to publish this, with independence just around the corner [knock on wood three times]. I have heard nothing but praises about this guide book and have read a couple of sections in it. Very informative. I have not bought one yet as I think I should get it as a gift. Anyone wants to do me the honors? Hehehehe, of course nothing goes for nothing ;) ... ok, enough of the slut in me. Only detail in this book I can see changing are the cafes, restaurants and phone numbers. But these reflect reality on the ground here; these fore-mentioned trio change rapidly in Kosovo. What are you waiting for? Go buy one and put me out of business.


flamur said...

Dear Luna,

I too believe that you should get this book for free. I am more than happy to buy 2 of these books, 1 for you and 1 for me. But, in 1 condition :). You should start using the proper name of Kosova, or at least, from 17th of February, the day of our Independence.
As you know "Kosovo" was official name by our occupier and now that we will be independent from 17 Feb.2008 I would really appreciate if you start using the original name, which is Kosova.
I know some claim that "Kosovo" is called by English speakers but I believe English speaking world calls "Kosovo" because that was the official name in former Yugoslavia. Now that we will be free, yes freeeee, finally, after waiting for a century long, the official name will be Kosova and I hope the English speakers will get used to it and call our wonderful land in its original name Kosova.

Luna, I hope it was not too much to ask from you, was it?
I wish you a wonderful day and I hope you will enjoy the celebration just as will Albanians and other Kosovars. I wish I was there to be part of that historic day. Never mind, I will try to feel like I am there instead. And please, last request, scream for me, just like Mel Gibson screams on Braveheart, "FREEEEEEDOM :)

With respect
Flamur, London.

Kosovo2007 said...

Hello Flamur,

Nice try with the blackmail ;) However, I already bought my copy 2days ago as I thought it would be nice to have a copy in time for independence and get Thaci's signature, hahaha.

Darling, "Kosovo / Kosova", let's call the whole thing off... until the government decides what it wants it to be called internationally, which by the way might still not make a difference. Ever noticed BraZil instead of BraSil, East Timor instead of Timor Lorosae, or Croatia instead of Hrvatska, or Spain instead of Espana ... in other words, not to worry, I will start rotating the names as I have been doing with Prishtine/Prishtina/Pristina. See, blackmail was not needed, neither was fighting political words :P.

BTW, Mr. Flag, one more thing, independence is one thing, but FREEDOM is another. Is any of us really ever FREE or we just tend to switch masters?

Kisses to you and London (and tell them to leave Camden alone) :)


Anonymous said...

well I have a question ?? I would like to know where I can buy this book, if someone can tell that I would be very pleased.

bathmate said...

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