Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Post 50 ... and the fat lady has just left the room

The latest gossip on land is the sudden departure of the PDSRSG (or deputy head) of UNMIK, Gen. Steven Schook (rtd), from Kosovo yesterday. He made waves a couple of months ago when he gave a solo press conference announcing he was being investigated by the UN's Office of Internal Oversight (OIOS) for "loving his job". Well, if he is to be believed, the people of Kosovo just lost a good friend. But friends come and go as long as they are sent by Washington, Kosovo' heart will not be broken too long :) The SRSG apparently is "saddened by" and I mourn his departure. I have met him a couple of times at some functions and he exuded so much confidence and straight-forwardness, something found mostly in Texans (is he Texan?). Very unlike most UN people I have met here who tend to be sneaky and three-faced. Maybe that is why he was doomed to leave.

So, Gen. Schook, here is an adieu from Luna ... I always thought you were hot!!! Feel free to have a "personal relationship" with me next time we cross paths.

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