Wednesday, December 5, 2007

... here is 50 Cent as a consolation price ...

They have yet to produce the cheaper mobile system they were awarded a contract for but yet they can bring 50 Cent to Prishtina. Doofs ... IPKO that is!!! I want my money back .. oh wait, I do not subscribe to internet access at home anymore.

I rejoice for all fake hiphop posers in the city who will run to pay other's yearly salaries for this show but really, can't the private industry think of better ways to bring good tidings to the region (e.g. sponsor kids' education, promote local culture, build museums, etc.) than bringing a rich rap star to Kosovo? Maybe this will take all our minds off independence for a while ... pfffff.

NOTE: The author is fully aware that she is, unintentionally, promoting 50 Cent's gig. S'ka problem. 50, please donate to the SOS village in Pristina. Those kids need all the love a rap artist can afford a million times over.


drenksy said...

qka je ka fol bre djal.. bringing a celebrity to Kosovo is a marketing strategy and investment for profit on a larger scale - think big picture, the benefit of hosting thousands of people from the region.

ta ha zemren..

muli said...

this is DREAM `you can`t bring fifty in kosovo `he is not Tallava singer. but a raper of USA.U....S...A (remember this)

PRNGriffin said...

Concert is for free as a gift to young people of Kosovo. Service is being launched on 14th and will be superbly better than Vala. As for rich rappers coing over here, Kosovo youth just want a sign of normalcy and to have fun for a night just like rest of normal youth out there. No politics, no elections no status, just fun for a night.

Thats surely not to mch to ask, and thnx IPKO theyre soooo cool to pick up on that!

Kosovo2007 said...

Part of me knew that saying a little s*** about 50 Cent would draw some comments and I appreciate the comments thus far. Here are my responses:

1) Drenksy, I am thinking big picture but I am not thinking of a big picture on behalf of IPKO - they do not pay me and provided me bad internet service (hope they do better on phone for Kosovo). Of course, this is a good marketing scheme for IPKO but will it translate into a great marketing scheme for Kosovo? I await to hear the actual amount of "thousands from the region" that will come spend or invest in Prishtina or Kosovo because of this concert.

2)Muli, I wish I could respond to your comment but I do not understand what you are getting at except that you seem in awe of 50 Cent because he is from the U ... S...A. I will say nothing about this incase i get tagged by DHS.

3)PRNG, thanks for informing that this is a free concert, I did not know that. But, I have to ask you that since when did going to rap concert put on by a phone company become "normalcy" for "youth out there"? People perish due to lack of vision. While talks of politics, elections and status can be discouraging due to a dearth of role models and leaders, I beg you never to think a rap concert is the definition of "normalcy". Think beyond the box they have placed us in ... the youths of Kosovo can demand more from IPKO, afterall the youths are their biggest market. A rap concert is a cheap buy out ... in my humble opinion.


Kushtrim said...

That`s right baby
UNderstand dat N Believe dat
50 cent,Eminem,G-unit in
Prishtina, Kosovo,EU
Dec 17 2007
We gonn` party till midnight

Anonymous said...

Here am awaiting a word on Kosova’s independence, instead I hear that 50 Cent is performing in Kosova tonigh…spo don me dal nalet e mena pshtu prej gjanave budallica, e qju knaqen me kamoflazha edhe si po duket shum mire pju shiten…I hope for the sake of None Kosova all goes well.

WARchild said...


This is going to up the rappers vs. rockers battle up a notch. And as we all know, this is the only legitimate battle in KS. Luna, be mindful which side you pick ;)