Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Beginning ....

So here is my first post. It's been even more hectic here than I anticipated. So, I have sort of come to a decision that I will communicate more with you using pictures and links than words. It's interesting that I have the urge to write more about politics in the US than here. It seems the only way to be in the know-how here in Pristine is be in some mafia or the other, otherwise it's all just hearsay. That said, I believe the first thing I need to do is introduce you to Kosovo and Prishtina (Depending on my mood I can interchangeably use Prishtine (definite form), Prishtina (Indefinite form) or Pristina (Western form)). What bettter way to introduce these to my intelligent audience than referring you to other sites that talk about them ;)? I intentionally steer clear of local references because everyone on the ground here is usually biased and they tell their stories 'truthfully' or as truthful as they can anyway. I will be listing other blogs that talk about Kosovo really soon.

1. Kosovo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2. The Guardian on Kosovo (I like this site especially as it is very current and rich with all sorts of info)

3. CNN focus on Kosovo

3. BBC on Kosovo

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This is great. Did you stop writing?