Saturday, February 24, 2007

How is Kosovo?

I get the title question a lot from people both outside and inside Kosovo. I usually pull a dumb face before I say "I dunno." This is not far from the truth. I have not had time to form an opinion of Pristina, talkless of Kosovo. Between trying to make weekend trips, settle in at work, fixing everything breaking in my apartment, making contact with people at home, and taking my class, it is hard for me to make some concrete and meaningful opinion. As the days go on though, I will be picking specific topics and using them to tell you about life here.

At last I have CNN and BBC on my tv. I have been so freaking tired of EuroNews. Talk about repetitive news forever. I can see that Iraq is still burning and people are not caring. Iran is hoping for a fight. Timor Leste is looking for new leadership. Senegal is also looking for this also. Guinea's president, Conte, might be coming around the fact that he might have to share power? Why don't they just put that relic in a museum? How is Castro? Does he still breath?

I need to go out more as I need to see if there are cute people in the international community. I am trying not check out local people here because I am here to work and will not date where I work. But the internationals are another story. I just wish many of them were not so damn annoying. Especially the ones that work for the big multi-lateral organizations ... ay. Hope is not lost. I might still find a cutie to sweep me off my feet yet. I am trying to also decide if I should start shopping again. I have gone through almost all the clothes I brought with me. I will also need some toiletries. I wonder if tampons are made locally in Kosovo.

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WARchild said...

About the tampons, no, they are imported :).