Monday, February 26, 2007

Bananas are not Lunch

Ne Prishtine, there are all sort of celebrities one can run into randomly anywhere: UN bigwigs, OSCE bigwigs, current government presidents of ministries, ex-government officials, tax guys, mafia bosses and their bodyguards, the UN yoga dude, etc. Yesterday, being that I get paid not much working for my small INGO, I head to a local market with a friend for lunch. Market lunches are good for 3 reasons: (1) You get to eat real local Kosovan food; (2) Chances of running into an international person there are small hence one can have a peaceful and "I feel like the Kosovans" lunch; (3) They are cheap and they overfeed you. When I get into this particular eat-shop, I saw 2 international military guys there looking very serious. No biggie, they have right to eat local food also; except that they were not eating. Turns out they were there guarding Albert Mostowitz, the Director of UNMIK Department of Justice. I have since heard from the hood that "Big"Al "not" loves eating at local eateries and dislikes going to the usual international eateries that most internationals here feel they have be at to show of their cosmopolitan gastronomical capabilities. Way to go Al, we gotcha your back here at Kosovo2007 just for that. This blog will have to look for a way to get an interview with Al. He would make an excellent local restaurant critic for Pristina,

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