Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Take 2: No Bullets this Time

This coming Saturday, there is going to be another protest organized by the Vetevendosje (Self-determination) movement. This is not the first protest and will not be the last of its kind. The leader of the Vetevendosje, Albin Kurti, was arrested after the violence that took place in the last protest, February 10, claimed 2 people's lives - Arben Xheladini, 34, and Man Balaj, 30. The investigations in their deaths have not been concluded by authorities thus far. Some blame 'rubber bullets fired by some Ukrainian international police contingent.' That and many other versions are still speculations currently. The issue being that these protest usually end violently at the end of the day. They reflect the frustrations of the Kosovo people with the pace of the independence process being led by the UN.

Kosovo2007 recently heard a rumor that during negotiations between the Kosovo Police Service and the Vetevendosje, there was much disagreement about the definition of violence - who let in lawyers for this meeting? The Vetevendosje apparently does not believe that throwing cans and bottles of red paint at UNMIK's main headquarters constitutes violence. KPS disagrees ... where are the textualists when you need them? In any case, many international organizations seem to have taken the lead of UNMIK and are giving their staff Friday off so they can, unofficially, "leave Pristina" before the day of the protests. My organization chose to wait until last night to let us know about this "learning day" off. Muchos gracias para the warning. Yeah, a day will be enough for me to plan accordingly - not.

After the last protests a little over 2 weeks ago, some people started sharing pictures and analysis of the protests of February 10. I came across some pics and analysis via a colleague in Monaco who got them from another friend in Toronto. Hope you appreciate what these mean. Here's to freeware share and the public domain ;)

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