Thursday, April 19, 2007


These billboards in the pictures below can be seen all over Pristina -- JFK: Just for Kosova. I just assumed they were advertising some fashion brand, which I found intriguing. One day, I asked a knowledgeable colleague of mine about the design brand and complained about never coming across it. He, being a nice gentleman, did not laugh in my face; he explained to me that JFK is a cigarette brand and not a fashion label. Who would have guessed? Not me for sure; look at those pictures on the billboards. This is not surprising, however. Like any self respecting Balkan region, too many people in Kosovo are chain smokers. A non-smoker could actually feel weird here. Pity though, I think the name would better fit a fashion label. And just to add insult to my ignorance, I have never come across the cigarette brand in all my time here.

Apparently, UNMIK ( the UN Mission) might have serious problems with constipation ... serious enough to warrant a whole booklet on it. I came across this in some restaurant ... so quaint!!!

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