Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Post Tax Day ... Yankees

I must be getting too settled here. Deadline for filing taxes passed yesterday and I did not know or remember. Not that it makes any difference, I have always been one of those perpertual late tax filers. It makes no difference to me as I have never made enough to owe Uncle Sam a penny. I will look into filing come July; I am sure IRS peeps will appreciate some of us waiting to give them a breather. Here is to hoping the oil companies, Google and Walmart donated much back to our society.

Due to my self imposed moratorium on reporting acts of violence and, most times, the stupidity on the part of the violent people, I will just continue to share pictures of places that have begun to mean much to me. Another example is the Pristina central bus station. I actually like it much. One can get a bus to most surrounding countries at this station and at a steal also. My best moments are running into Kosovan colleagues from the 'industry' and class; and western backpackers. It takes a certain kind to take a bus long distance :) Below are some clear pictures of the station.

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