Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It pains me to agree with DiCarlo but...

... out of the other 192 (plus 2) countries in the world, The government of Kosovo should have been able to lobby more than just 41 countries for recognition. I mean, many of these countries would happily recognize Kosovo if for no other reason than to put their names in the world press for a couple of hours. Inefficiency, incompetency, ignorance, egotism ... or whatever their reasons might be for their failure to get more recognitions, some people in the government need to start getting flogged to perform. I would personally suggest that Thaci should not be allowed to eat at "Ex" restaurant anymore until the government crosses the "97 countries recognition" threshold.

US unhappy with Kosovo over recognitions


U.S. criticized Pristina's government over the small number of countries that have recognized Kosovo's independence, attributing this fact to insufficient lobbying efforts. Foreign diplomats told Pristina-based TV Station Kohavision that Washington is unsatisfied with official Pristina's failure to secure recognition of independence by 97 countries. Kosovo needs this number to apply for admission in the United Nations at this year's UN General Assembly. Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of State Rosemary DiCarlo has reportedly conveyed the message of criticism during her recent visit to Pristina. Pristina's TV station reported that the Americans have suggested to the Kosovo's government to seek for assistance from the Finnish diplomat Martti Ahtisaari and his assistant Albert Rohan in the lobbying efforts. Serbia is taking advantage of Pristina's inefficiency, by preparing a resolution against independence, which is expected to be put to vote at the UN General Assembly. As many as 41 countries have recognized Kosovo so far, 20 of which are members of the European Union.


Hot off the Press

U.S. Embassy Issues Denial of Criticism

It has been recently claimed that the U.S. Embassy in Pristina issued a statement denying any criticism leveled against the Kosovo Government by Deputy Assistant Secretary Rosemary DiCarlo. "The Embassy press statement clarifies that DiCarlo "made no such comments.""

God, I sometimes hate diplomats and the press ... who said what?

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