Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Belated ...

... Birthday, that is. To none other than the "come-back kid" himself, Billy Clinton. Kosovo dua Bill Clinton like nothing else ... so much that a birthday bash was thrown for him ne Prishtine this past weekend. I missed the festivities but I heard it was the party to be seen at during the weekend ;). Damn, Billy, you just refuse to die from the limelight, even in the Balkans. More on the festivities here.

What's a birthday Bash without a cake? (Photo: Ermal Meta/Agence France Presse–Getty Images)


Nikola said...

Dear Luna,
I am so glad that I ran on your blogspot :) My name is Nikola and I am from Belgrade.
It would be very interesting for me to share some thoughts with you & I hope that you would like that to. I am not some crazy nationalist but a ordinary observer of what's going on this piece of Earth. It seems, when watching TV and reading newspapers, that Kosovo Albanians are some people that are so far from us - that is the worse possible result of all. I cannot accept that you and I have not items to discuss, same hopes for us and the people that surrounds us. I don't think that we are too different. I believe that Albanians from Kosovo are more like me then any Russian.
Please let me know what you think about it...

Best wishes, Nikola

Nikola said...
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Kosovo2007 said...

Zdravo Nikola

Thank you much for your comments. I would implore you to find and share your thoughts and exchange with Kosovans (Albanian, Serb, Romas, etc). I am not sure you know this but I am not from Kosovo ... I just live here and write about my interests.

Cheers Nikola