Friday, August 31, 2007



nomad said...

hi, luna! Your blog is quite interesting. Actually, I've been searching for pictures in Kosovo (as I do not have any idea what living in Kosovo be like). So i'd suggest you might also want to narrate what is your ordinary day in Kosovo, and what might the first-timers in Kosovo would expect, like the expenses, food, accomodations, basic life support, etc. Keep on posting! :)

Kosovo2007 said...

Thanks nomad for your comment.

Hmmm, with regards to your suggestion, I will add it to the list of suggestions I receive about this blog; but I would also refer you to the heading of the blog which states the purpose of this blog. Basically, it's an ad-hoc thing where I post what I feelvlike and not purveying to comers to or goers from Kosovo. For such information, the links on the right hand side of the blog might be helpful. I do really appreciate the suggestion though, keep them coming :) ciao