Sunday, June 17, 2007

While the kingmakers drag their feet, the most unlikely "bishop" is making its moves ...

This just came in this morning. Wow, 2 big shots in less than 3 weeks; must be a bad period to be an ex-genocidal general in Serbia. Kudos to the Serbian government for this progress (yes, some might argue that they could have done this a long time ago but, hey, better late than never, right?)

“It was a joint action of Serbian and Montenegrin police and of the Hague tribunal,” Mr. Ljajic said. “He is on his way to The Hague.”

A spokesman for the Hague tribunal confirmed that General Djordjevic had been detained and would be handed over soon to the tribunal. The arrest appears to confirm Serbia’s new willingness to engage with the West in the hope of joining the European Union and NATO. General Djordjevic was indicted in October 2003, accused of ordering a crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatist guerrillas in the Serbian province of Kosovo.

At least 10,000 civilians, overwhelmingly ethnic Albanians, died in the Kosovo conflict, which prompted NATO’s first war and ended with the United Nations taking control of the province eight years ago. The Hague’s chief prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, is to report to the United Nations Security Council on Monday about Serbia’s cooperation with the court, her last report before stepping down in September. The arrest of Zdravko Tolimir, another fugitive, at the end of May helped prompt talks about closer ties between Serbia and the European Union, but the union has said it wants more fugitives behind bars before it signs a deal.


bytycci said...

hello, I just rediscovered your blog. great job! I like the pics, esp.

I hope to post some more pics on my blog now that I am in Kosova.


WARchild said...

What progress? He flew to Belgrade and wasn't arrested. It was Hague through its intelligence that found him in Montenegro and alerted the parties. Presented with the reality and its stated willingness to help, Serbia couldn't refuse to get involved, though it's still murky how it helped.