Friday, June 22, 2007

A commentary for the weekend . . .

Koha Ditore carried an opinion piece today by columnist Enver Robelli. Mr. Robelli thinks Kosovo deserves another government. When referring to the current government of the region, he says, "Not these circus members, sellers of tenders, thieves, cheaters and abusers of public goods. Kosovo has thousands of professional and honest people, who would do the job of a minister at the good this people who have grown weak by the leaders of this crime".


He goes on, “Imagine Kosovo with ministers who would win their posts thanks to their abilities and not thanks to bribe, organized crime, the partnership with drug leaders, threats and arms trafficking, and money laundering?”

Why stop at Kosovo? Imagine any country like he just described. You'd have to have a pretty damn good imagination to imagine such.

Robelli then goes on in the article to suggest "a whole list of names of people who in his opinion could take up posts in a different government, like Muhamedin Kullashi, professor of philosophy at Paris 8 University, Brikena Muharremi, barrister of law in London, Martin Berishaj, professor political sciences in Ljubljana University, Edita Tahiri, a female politician with long experience in lobbying for independence, Ymer Shkreli, one of Kosovo’s best authors, Lulzim Kabashi, one of the best architects in Croatia, Dom Lush Gjergji, founder of the Mother Teresa Association and known for his inter-religious and interethnic tolerance, Virtyt Koshi, telecommunications expert and manager of Vodafone, etc. "

Apparently, according to Robelli, all the non-corrupt Kosovans just do not live in Kosovo . . . touche!

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Mary Kate said...

I noticed that you were quoting from Koha Ditore-- does Koha Ditore publish anything in English, either in print or online? There are some archives that I would love to be able to read, but unfortunately, I am back home in the USA and only know about 10 words in Albanian.