Thursday, March 8, 2007

Oxford French or Why am I busier?

This week has been tiring for me. I cannot explain it in any way other than that I am not getting enough sleep. I have just been zoning through my classes.

Yesterday, I heard from a sweet, beautiful and incredible colleague from graduate school who lives in Latin America. I was really excited to be in touch with him again; then he told me that he got a divorce which was finalized this year. I was heartbroken upon hear this. He and Filipa were such a great couple. I was really sad for the rest of the day after hearing this. If N and F could not make it work, what hope is there for ordinary folks like me? Yeah, that sounded very self centered but .... N, I love you very much. You are strong, beautiful and intelligent. You will survive this as you have survived many other things in life. Besos.

Talked to Dad yesterday. He is going on a pilgrimage to 'neverlands'. I asked him for some sand and water from there. Talking to him about his travels made me remember my dreams of becoming a mystic in the near future. Safe travels Dad. I love you and will miss you. Be safe!!!

One of the many things I look forward to when I go the office, apart from my beautiful and comedic colleagues, is the full length mirror in the elevators. I have none at home. I always pray no one catches the elevator with me because that is where I get heave and push stuff here and there in attempt to look better than everyone else at work (this is my only vanity here thus, please let me indulge myself). I always wonder how much clothes people at work have. I am already recycling my wears but still look good though. But the way some people dress and never wear the same shirts in my office makes me want to ask, "WTF are you getting the money for all these clothes? Don't we work for the same organization? People, are we working for the United Nations here? Because you gals make it tough for me to be the most stylish here."

And before I forget, Happy Belated International Women's Day (it was yesterday) - you socialists, hehehehe. The women here take it seriously. So seriously that when I was on my way home at 1 am this morning, I still saw guys dragging roses home to their ladies. Figures that such a cool day commemorated more by former and current socialists actually had its origin in the socialist movement in the good ole US of A. I love my country, even if we forget our pioneering roots at times :)

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