Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dily Dally or is it Daly Dilly or DIliDali or ...who gives a *****

Today, I was walking home from lunch when I was cornered by a little kid, who I will refer to as Oliver, asking me for money. This is not too uncommon in Prisitina. Difference this time for me is that I saw the boy with his mum earlier going through trash. One of the things I told myself when getting here was that I would not be giving out alms in form of cash. I do not have much of it and I just feel better giving out something more tangible that can be used. I did that already a couple of times here. So back to my encounter with Oliver... I shook my head at him and said 'Jo'. Did it a couple of times and went around him. As I was walking on thumbing the the two euro in my jacket pocket, I heard a voice telling me to look back. At the same time, another voice was saying to me, "C'mon, you just gave a tip of one euro for lunch and you cannot help this family?" So I looked back and there was Oliver's mum going through garbage again. I almost lost it there and felt like crying. I crossed the street and ran back to Oliver and gave him the 2 Euros and mumbled "God Bless you and guide you into adulthood and a blessed future." I did not feel good about what I just did when I left Oliver behind. In fact I felt crappy about the whole situation. All around us were coffee houses with people drinking lattes and machiatos and there was Oliver and many more like him picking garbage. I felt even worse and guilty as I felt more like an outsider with my own different world from Oliver who is from Kosovo but yet is suffering like mad. We, fools talk and enjoy while the righteous suffer ....

I miss home a bit. It always seems like it's when I leave the country that s*** begins to happen - Possible downfall of Gonzales, congressional democrats finally growing a spine, Chief of Staff of the Military becoming a moralistic military preacher, Britany Spear shaving her head, etc. Pffffff


WARchild said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

I've added your blog to Free Kosovo blogroll. I'm looking forward to what you have to say.

Happy blogging!

Kosovo2007 said...

Thanks Warchild for the reference and looking out for this blog.