Friday, March 21, 2008

Kosovo is burning????

I do not think so but it was interesting to see UNMIK flexing some military muscles this past week to dire consequences. Also interesting to note that none of the elites from any side gets hurt in these incidents, it's always blue collared young people getting the shaft and bullets. I would like to see Kostunica or Krasniqi go sleep on the streets and get stones and bullets rained on them ... mofos. In case you missed it, here you go. Since then, an UNMIK police officer from Ukraine has passed away and a Serb man is in critical condition from a bullet in his head (plus plenty others wounded on both sides, some critically).

An interesting side story, what has bread got to do with nationality? everything apparently ... in Serbia.

03/20/2008 Serbian president Tadic urges probe into calls for boycott of Albanian-owned bakeries (Ap)

BELGRADE, Serbia_Serbia's President Boris Tadic is demanding that police find out who is behind calls to boycott Albanian-owned bakeries in response to Kosovo's declaration of independence. Tadic is critical of what he termed "chauvinist actions" against Serbia's ethnic Albanian citizens. He says each citizen has the same rights regardless of ethnic or religious background. Serbian nationalists have handed out free bread in front of Albanian-owned bakeries in the northern city of Sombor and other towns since Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on Feb. 17. On Thursday, leaflets urging a new boycott of Albanian shops are appearing. Kosovo is considered Serbia's medieval heartland, but is dominated by separatist ethnic Albanians.

HAPPY EASTER ... if you celebrate it. Let peace reign, people!!!


Arbër said...

In a country where the word "Albanian" has become synonymous with "enemy," it is not surprising to read news about boycotts.

It is, however, surprising that Boris Tadic is actually promoting some sort of equality of citizens, regardless of their ethnicity, even if it's simply to appear as a moderate.

Arbër said...

...oh, and I don't know if this got through in my previous comment: It's good to hear about the events in Kosova from the point of view of a non-Kosovar [or adopted Kosovar, for that matter :)]...Good job, Luna!

alidea said...

very interesting indeed , I keep an eye on information but I did not see any news on boycotts on the issue.
Speaking about Albanian-Enemy terminology adopted there..I wonder howcome in many antialbanian posts they call us Shiftari or Siptar can't they pronounce the word properly or what :)

Greetings from Tirana !