Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kosovans (Balkans) in NYC....

So, I will be heading home soon to Boston to take care of some family and educational stuff. What's the use of being in the East Coast without going to NYC, right? So I will be in the big apple a couple of days. I have heard and read a lot about the the 'big' Kosovan (Albanian) community in NYC ( and other Balkan folks also). However, I have yet to discover them or where they hang out and would love to do so. If you have any tips or info on where to go to for the Balkan (minus mafia) vibe in NYC, please & please, drop me a note and let me know.

I, for one, am glad that I am getting this excuse to go back home. My abstinence here is beginning to get to me and is driving me nuts ... hope I can do something about that once I get back to the East Coast ;)


WARchild said...

If it's still relevant, there is an Albanian street by the Bronx Zoo. It's called Astoria Ave or something like that. Basically Albanians have taken over from Italians in Little Italy. Many of the Italian restaurants in Manhattan are run by Albanians as well so that will be a good start in getting local information. In Long Island you can find Albanians from Macedonia. Those from Albania are in the Boston area.

On another topic, we have a started a new project with news and commentary on Kosovo and we are looking for different perspectives. Would you like to get involved? Check out and shoot me an email (freekosova at gmail dot com) if you are interested.

Zana said...

Ahh I just read this thing today (Dec 20th). It's probably too late now. Would've loved to show you some Albanian places in the city. You know the whole macchiato, or burek environment but set in NYC. :)


Kosovo2007 said...

Ah.. never say never Zana dear... I will be back in the city next year. Hopefully we can hook up and show the nyers how ... wait, I think the nyers party more than we do here in Prishtina :)