Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sharing joy ....

I do not think I ever shared this with you but just in case, check this out:


This is a link to pictures (commissioned by the Council of Europe) of one of my favorite towns/villages in Kosovo - PRIZREN!!! Prizren rocks and I like it. I have been there couple of times now and it never tires or bores me. Very cheap to get to from Pristina also .... 3 Euros at most by public bus. The old town is cool and even cooler are the children there. Very fascinating bunch always willing to practise their English at the slight view of a stranger. I have met a couple compatriots kids there whose parents, unfortunately, got deported from our country. I usually just sit and listen to them tell me about what they miss about home (Michigan and NYC) and how they understand they have to be here in Kosovo now with their parents. These children, too wise for their ages, I tell you.

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pispirikou said...

i am leaving the 8last months in Prizren and for sure is the most beautifoul place in Kosovo!Bukur