Friday, July 20, 2007

From Russia, With Love ...

U.N. to Hold Off on Kosovo Vote

UNITED NATIONS, July 20 — The European and American sponsors of a resolution that would put Kosovo on the path to independence withdrew the measure from the Security Council today in the face of a promised Russian veto and said a six-nation European group would now seek a way to settle the contentious statehood question. “We regret that it has been impossible to secure such a resolution in the United Nations Security Council,” said Jean-Marc de la Sabliere, the French ambassador. “We will therefore put on hold discussions of the resolution.” He made the announcement after a morning meeting held to test the ongoing Russian resistance to the resolution despite repeated revisions adopted in recent weeks to try to meet Moscow’s objections. Vitaly I. Churkin, the Russian ambassador, said he had told the 15 council ambassadors that Russia was not prepared to vote yes or to abstain, leaving a veto the sure response if a vote were called. . . .

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