Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ah! So that was what the poster on my door meant ...

As I sit in the office waiting to go to lunch, I can hear the loud voices of protesters screaming in support of Ramush Haradinaj. He is the former Prime Minister of Kosovo who is now standing trial at the Hague with the ICTY for crimes against humanity. Mistaken not, the young Mr. Haradinaj is wildly popular with many Kosovans for his heroics when he was with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) –note to self: a glossary of acronyms for Kosovo would be good for readers. Now, he is better known for his over $3 million mansion in Pristina that looks like a big observatory and his unquestioned ability to make things happen in Kosovo. Not bad for a former security guard and club bouncer in the late 90s. Here is an article about him and his relationship with the international community.

A delegation came from the UN Security Council last week. No one really knows what they came from but they claimed to want to see how things are on the ground in Kosovo. Their prerogative; let's see if this will help in getting a quicker response on Kosovo's status or if Russia will still be holding the Council hostage on this issue.

Onto another serious issue, security forces need to come up with a way to rid the Prishtina community of personal grenades. I am lifting my moratorium on stories involving explosions. According to Kosovo Police, a person got injured in a bomb explosion in Prishtina, from an explosive device that was placed next to the entrance of the apartment of a police officer in the Bill Clinton Street. The police allegedly arrested an individual suspected of placing the explosive. This sort of story is becoming common-place here and people should not stand for it. Exploding one's business and love rivals is never an answer.

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